Marion Kalmus
Visual Artist

Marion Kalmus’ shows include commissions shown at Tate Liverpool, U.K. and The Royal Festival Hall, London. She was awarded the 1998 Kettle’s Yard Fellowship and was artist in residence at Cambridge University, U.K. She was shortlisted for the Imagineria Award (Excellence in British Digital Arts) in 1999. In 2001 she was shortlisted for the Jerwood Sculpture Prize. Her permanent architectural intervention for Norman Foster’s National Botanic Garden of Wales opened in December 2001. In 2002 her work was shown at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. The first of her series of text sculptures for city skylines was installed in 2003. She has been nominated for the Jerwood Artists Platform 2004.

Kalmus’ work is idea based and she therefore works in a variety of media depending on suitability to each proposal. Her work is frequently site specific. In recent shows she has used:

- Drawing, print and photography to produce works for gallery spaces.

- Digital technologies, video and surround sound to create cinematic, painterly installations in unusual spaces.

- Sculpture and architecture to make large scale interventions in galleries, public buildings and city skylines.

- Individual and mass performance to produce event based works which range from the vast to the highly intimate in scale.

Her body of work is complemented by an extensive catalogue of drawings which document her proposals and as yet unrealized works.

Kalmus’ works are often cross media and category. For ease of navigation they are listed here by inclination (click on a word in the banner). Some works appear in more than one section. Selected works are listed chronologically in the index opposite.

Current work includes:
Strange Bedfellows: A collaboration between Marion Kalmus and Dr Mark Lythgoe at The Institute for Child Health, London:

Levitation Event: an exterior work for the Brighton Pavilion, U.K. (Winter 2004/5). In which the artist proposes to levitate members of the public in the grounds of The Brighton Pavilion.

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index chronological
levitation event
Levitation Event:
An exterior work for The Royal Pavilion, Brighton, UK. (Winter 2004). In which the artist proposes to levitate members of the public in the grounds of the Brighton Pavilion.
Get Up and Go, 2003
  Skyline Idioms:
Permanent and temporary text sculptures for city skylines. Get Up and Go, 2003. Canterbury City Centre.
Imagine This: Three works for the V&A Museum, London.
After Saramago, 2002   After Saramago. 2002.
Site specific event for the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.
Authentic, V&A   Authentic. 2002
Site specific event for the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.
TheTruth About Lies, 2002   The Truth about Lies. 2002
One of three proposals for the V&A, Digital response series, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
Before and After, 2001   Before and After:
Shortlisted for the JERWOOD SCULPTURE PRIZE 2001. The Jerwood Space, London & Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh.
National Botanic Garden of Wales   33,798:
2001. Permanent architectural intervention for the Norman Foster Building, The National Botanic Garden of Wales.
Twenty Thousand Years   Twenty Thousand Years:
2000. Light Projection. One thousand people took part in the artwork, Oriel Davies, Newtown, Wales.
Restoration Drama   Restoration Drama :
1999. Site specific Film and Sound work for The Festival Theatre Cambridge.
Random Poem Generator, 1998   Random Poem Generator.
1998. Original Computer Program which generates sentences. Projected Light Work designed for The Old County Court, Wolverhampton, U.K.
External Fixation, 1998   External Fixation:
1998. Site specific painting. Proposal for the Royal College of Surgeons, London.
Pearl, story & fable   Pearl:
Proposal for the Wapping Project, Wapping Pumping Station, London. Film and associated objects.


Marion Kalmus
Visual Artist

Kettle's Yard Fellowship:
1997/98. Each year Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, appoints an artist in Residence. Kalmus received the 1997/8 award, embarking on her residency with sixteen works in the solo show, I Won't Promise You the Earth.
rehearsal diptych   Rehearsal:
Photographic Diptych from Performance.

Kettle's Yard, UK.
  The Fundamental Flaw at the Heart of Heterosexual Desire (Version 1):
1997. Photographic Diptych from performance.
Fundamental Flaw v2...   The Fundamental Flaw at the Heart of Heterosexual Desire (Version 2):
1997. Photographic Triptych from performance.
personal best   Personal Best :
1997. Site specific photographic work for Kettle’s Yard.
Wildfire, 1997   Wildfire:
1997. Installation. Lightboxes and duratrans.
Patient, 1997 Patient:
1997. Data projection from original programme.
Remarked, 1997 + Dr Disbled, 1997   Remarked:
1997. Trompe l’oeil Etching.
Dr. Disabled:
1997. From the series ‘Superheroes’ No. 3. Etching.
I Won't Promise You the Earth   I Won't Promise You the Earth:
1997. Installation. Two facing mirrors each 3.2m x 1.8m.Digital animation from painted stills.
Two minute cycle.
Best Thing, 1997   Best Thing:
1997. Photographic Diptych.
Trust Me Trust Me :
1996. Cibachrome.
Nest 1996   Nest:
1996. Cibachrome.
Problem, 1997   Problem:
1997. Interactive Programme.
  Marion Kalmus
Visual Artist
deserter installation   Deserter:
1995. Filmed in the Simpson Desert, Australia. Installation shown at Tate Liverpool; Chapter, Cardiff and Oriel 31, Powys. The Tate Liverpool.
Well, 1994 & 1997 Well:
Based on underwater endurance performance. Installation functions as a giant periscope that viewers move within. The Royal Festival Hall, South Bank Centre, Kettle's Yard and Goldsmith's College.
Not Named, 1993 & 1997   Not Named:
1993. Computer controlled slide dissolve installation.
Eight Second Film, 1993   Eight Second Film:
1993. Installation & 16mm Film.
Stills, Editions & Drawings, 1992 to 2003   Stills, Editions & Drawings:
1992-2003. A selection from the catalogue:
Stills from Films.
Limited Edition Photographic and Print works.
Original Studies and Drawings for Installations.