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In his novel "Blindness", Jose Saramago tells of a contagious blindness that spreads rapidly, rendering the entire population sightless.

Social order and democracy are quickly replaced by brutal survival tactics and the law of physical might. Greed, cruelty and horrific exploitation become the norm.

In the penultimate scene the novel's protagonist enters a church now used as a shelter. Every painting and statue within the building has had its eyes painted out, covered or effaced. In a world where humanity is blind Saramago suggests, humans have decided that God does not deserve to see.

AFTER SARAMAGO is an event proposed for the Victoria and Albert Museum, UK. For one day only, every statue in the Museum must have it's eyes blindfolded. At the end of the day, the blindfolds are removed.

A version was shown in the Digital Responses programme at the Victoria & Albert Museum, December 2002.

One of three works in Kalmus’ show
Imagine This
Three proposals for the
V& A Digital Responses Series, Victoria & Albert Museum, U.K. 2002.
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  After Saramago, 2002

Site specific Event for the V&A Museum.

  indexinstallations sculpture & architectural interventions