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  Restoration Drama, 1999

Site specific DVD and Sound work for The Festival Theatre Cambridge





Project Assistant
Marilene Oliver
Audio consultants Sebastian Jouan
Paul Malpas
Surround sound mix and installation
Arup Acoustics
Sound design
Rob Keyloch
Sound recording and editing
The Sound Studio, London.

Lighting David Duffy
Make-up Alison Demen
Costumes Angels
Documentary Stills
Ann-Marie LeQuesne
Cambridge Audio Visual
Installation Photography Graham Murrell




The Festival Theatre Cambridge, This tiny, circular theatre contains the last surviving cyclorama in Britain. The theatre was in a state of extensive dereliction when the work was staged.


Entering the darkened auditorium, we hear the sound of an audience settling down for the start of a play; an occasional cough, low level chat and high expectation. An image is projected onto the cyclorama. Each frame has been treated so the surface appears to be crumbling, revealing layers of images underneath. Within this projection, stage curtains open, the invisible audience applauds and the play begins.

The actors gesticulate and react to each other, but we do not hear their speech. Instead, from the space around and above, we hear the ghost audience's reaction to the play: gasps of surprise, booing, shouts of 'Bravo!', rapturous applause.

The surround sound track is mapped to specific locations, so moving around the theatre we can locate the exact places where individual ghosts appear to be sitting.
Running time 9 minutes.

Prince's Companion
Simon Anderson
The Narrator
Dia Bradley
The Princess
Kate Gabriel
The Queen
Kiki Kendrick
The Prince
Daniel Schutzmann
The King
Tim Seeley
Sean Nugent
Fiona Beck
Anna Redway
Kelly Bushell
Amandip Sanghe
Amikam Toren
Commissioned by Commissions East and Kettles Yard who would like to give special thanks to the Cambridge Buddhist Centre, owners of the former Festival Theatre, for their support of the project and the use of the theatre.

Catalogue available from Kettle’s Yard:
+44 (0)1223 352124

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