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  Deserter, 1995

Facing pairs of surveillance mirrors. Reflective/transmissive projection screen. Nine minute cycle, constructed from 35mm transparencies. Animated in the gallery by a computer controlling three still-image projectors.


  The Tate Gallery Liverpool




"The subjective expression of this journey assumes the quality of a dream, where reality is displaced, condensed and distorted. The manifest content of the figure in the desert forming only a part of the narrative, the rest yielding to subjective resonance... and therein lies the space within which the creative work takes place: for Kalmus can allow for contingencies without resorting to nihilism or brutality. She hits the spot with a caress."
Wil Pennycook Greaves

  Deserter was commissioned by Chapter, Moviola and Oriel 31 for Video Positive '95 and subsequent touring. Sponsors and funding bodies who assisted in this exhibition include the Arts Council of England, The Arts Council of Wales, First Image & Snappers Limited, The Screen Company and Isco-Optic GmbH. Travel and location costs were supported by The Nicholas and Andrei Tooth Scholarship 1994. Special thanks to Ben Evans for his shared commitment to this project.  
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